Roof Restoration

Reliable Roof Restoration by Lake Macquarie Roofing

Does your home look antiquated and boring because of its roof? Or are you more anxious about your house’s interior because there is dripping when it rains and too much heat in the summer? Well, whatever your concern is, so long as it is about your roofing, entrust that to the best roof restoration experts in Lake Macquarie – entrust that to Lake Macquarie Roofing!


What We Restore

  • Terracotta tile restoration

One indication that your terracotaa needs to be restored is when it lost its lustre, as this is a sign  that it will soon break gradually. The broken lines are where mosses  and lichens start to grow, so better have it fixed before it gets worse.

  • Cement tile restoration

Typically, a house needs a cement tile restoration when it reaches 13 years, mainly in the area of re-bedding due to the inevitable movements in different areas of the home. If there are cracks, chipping, colour fading, lichens, and unwanted broken lines on your roof, then it likely needs to have a roof restoration.

Lake Macquarie has indeed many houses that have cement and terracotta tile roofing, and we are proud to say that we have restored a large number of which – and we want you to be one of them!

How we Restore Roof in Lake Macquarie

Lake Macquarie Roofing is proud to share with you our unique roof restoration procedure that we have been employing ever since we started in this business. Our roof restoration process consists of five essential procedures:

  1. We will check-up, investigate, and study the current condition of your roofing.
  2. We will replace broken and damaged tiles with the best tiles on the market.
  3. We will high-pressure clean all existing dirt on the roof surface – we remove everything from dust to moss to lichen to any unwanted dirt in your roof.
  4. We will do the re-bedding if needed, and re-point all caps using Flexi-point. It will be followed by sealing of tiles by way of dabbing one coat of acrylic primer and two coats of coloured sealants.
  5. We will do the clean-up, without losing the much-needed attention to details.

Lake Macquarie Colour Choices

Lake Macquarie Roofing makes roofing a bit more interesting by offering unique and extraordinary colour choices in recolouring your roof! Just take a look at our Colour Selector and we are sure that we can give your roofing the most eye-catching appeal in your entire neighbourhood!

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