Leaf Screener

Lake Macquarie Roofing is your Installer of Leaf Screener

Are you spending too much time in the gutter? Well at Lake Macquarie Roofing, we know that many homeowners still waste a large amount of time sweeping leaves off their roof. However, pushing away leaves off your gutter must not take you forever. Of course, you still have other things to do!

This is why it is time to experience our leaf screeners!










We can provide you the most efficient leaf screen in the market and we are happy to have it installed on your roof. You no longer have to climb your roof on a daily basis just to ensure that no leaf of any kind is comfortably blocking your gutter.

Lake Macquarie Roofing’s leaf screener is a simple technology that allows rainwater to be directed into the gutters to push the leaf debris and let them flow off the roof rather than into the gutters. Simply put, this technology is all about collecting clean rainwater, and not allowing leaf debris and vermin to blend with waters as this result to blockage in the gutters. Gutters, by logic, must be free of any hindrances to let the rainwater flow out of the roof, as not having so would make the roof closer to the chances of rotting, rusting, and chipping.

Leaf screeners are also important, especially in a city like Lake Macquarie that is one of high-risk fire areas in the country. With their material and design, these leaf screeners act as protection against future fire caused by overheated and combusted leaf debris stuck atop the roof and in between gutters and tiles.

Make a wise decision and have quality leaf screeners installed to your roof. Call Lake Macquarie Roofing today to discuss your options. We are always happy to answer all of your roofing-related questions!